Bong maintenance

Bong maintenance

When using bongs a few principles are worth taking into account such as water quality, size of the bong, size of the hit, cleanliness of the pipe and additional filtration options on a bong. Perhaps we can expand on these topics as a starting point:

Water quality: Well, lets just say that you might not appreciate how disgusting bong water can get unless you have tipped over a well used bong. It smells pretty bad and that translates to poor smoke taste. Build up can also happen with old water causing stains on the inside which as time goes by becomes more difficult to clean. My advice would be to replace the water weekly/bi-weekly for casual smokers although with very frequent use more often could be required.

Bong size: A principle which also affects your smoking experience substantially could just be the size of the pipe. Rule of thumb normally is the bigger the pipe, the smoother the smoke. Since the smoke travels further once it has gone through the water I find this to be much less harsh so hence I prefer a taller bong for this purpose.

Size of the hit: If like me, you have a few heavy smoking friends you might find that when they prepare your hit it comes across a bit harsher and sometimes more difficult to finish in one go. My preference is smaller hit as this pulls smoother and helps to prevent those coughs which can lead to a higher high.

Pipe cleanliness: Over time the residue from weed can end up clogging your pipe and also leave it looking not in the best shape. As a rule I like to clean my pipe once a month which will help for easier cleaning. A method I have found which works best is to use rubbing alcohol (easy to find and fairly cheap from chemists like Dischem or Clicks), salt crystals (not normal fine salt as you need the abrasion)  and then to fill pipe halfway with alcohol, a tablespoon or two of salt and then to close the openings of the pipe with tape. You then just shake the pipe for the salt and alcohol to remove the buildup from inside. Rinse well after this though. Some people prefer dishwashing liquid although I don't find this as effective. We now stock silicone bong plugs which makes this a whole lot easier! Just fill the bong with your desired cleaning solution, plug with plugs and shake the grime away!

Filtration methods: Bongs work on the principle of pulling the smoke through water which then cools the smoke. Most bongs feature Ice catching prongs which allow for ice cubes to be dropped into the pipe and cool the smoke even more - this really does make a big difference on the lungs. There are also a few other methods such as honeycomb filtration or even other glass created routes for the smoke to be pulled through or even a combination of all the above. We stock a large number of bongs so please check through these to find what you would like to give a try. 


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Useful information. With cleaning of glass and acrylics one can use wet wipes. It cleans both the pipe/bong and the mess left behind from the residue. If you unable to purchase the iso then I recommend a hot water soak to soften the residue and then using pipe cleaners/flexible stick, wipe the bulk of the residue before using a wet wipe to finish off. Twisting the wetwipe to “firm it up” helps in reaching all corners, that or a thin gauge wire that can be shaped to match the contours.

Joe Average

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