Goodsmoke Wholesale

Goodsmoke Wholesale for consignment and wholesale of bongs, dab rigs, grinders and other cannabis accessories

Are you looking for a bong supplier and partner for your Canna related retail outlet, grow shop or CannaClub. Here at Goodsmoke we specialize in supplying our high quality bongs, dab rigs, rolling trays, grinders and other smoking accessories to the Canna market throughout South Africa. We have partnered with several Cannaclubs and have a consignment option available to meet your new or existing store needs. 

As we procure our products directly from leading international manufacturers, we have the ability to have the best products - at the best prices to help you and your business succeed and add additional revenue opportunities. 

Please contact us at or telephonically on +27 82 3288057 to discuss your smoking accessory needs.