Growing your own?

Growing your own?

Have you ever considered growing your own cannabis?

Many might think this is a daunting task although with the current SA legal situation allowing cannabis cultivation for personal use at home its now the best time to give it a go. Many resources already exist although first step would be to just figure out whether you can grow outside or would be restricted to indoor growing. A massive advantage to growing for yourself is that you are no longer dependent on supply constraints and also you are 100% in control of your final product. This means that you know exactly what goes into your plants, when its harvested and also how it is dried. These three aspects greatly affect your final product and also what your experience will be. You further have an option to buy seeds suited to your situation such as feminized seeds - nearly guarantees a female plant which is where your buds are going to come from - and also auto flower or photoperiod seeds. There are numerous seed banks operating in SA where you can read the about the seeds, attributes, expected time periods and effects.

With photoperiod you determine when your plant goes from vegetative state to flowering through light cycle changes where with autoflower your plant will go through its entire life cycle without your intervention through light. Auto flower is well suited for beginners although mistakes could lead to small harvests. You could approach this from a very complicated standpoint as such as diving into hydroponics or keep it simple with an outdoor plant.

The quality and quantity are affected by your choice of indoor or outdoor grows although in my experience with indoor you can achieve excellent results in fairly compact spaces. Outdoor normally provides larger qualities through bigger plants however you would need to consider the season, privacy, security and also access to sunlight since cannabis plants require lots of this. 

With indoor grows you can grow all year round although outdoor is affected by seasons so you need to then get your timing right.

 For an idea of what this entails, many free youtube videos exist which can give you a nice overview of the grow process. One I found especially good is aptly called ' "from seed to stoned" - here is a link to the video:



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